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Telecommunication in Iran
     In 1857 i.e. 14 years after invention of telegraph, the first telegraph line between Tehran and Chaman Sultaniyeh (neighbor of Zanjan) was installed and initiated in Iran. Two years later it was extended to Zanjan, Tabriz and Jolfa and then joined to the Russian Telegraph network and was developed day by day. Few years after the invention of telephone, in 1890 the first telephone line between Machine Doody-e- Tehran Station and Shahr-e- Rey Station was established.
      In 1919, telephone affairs formed into an office under the Ministry of Post and Telegraph which was later renamed to Post, Telegraph and Telephone. In 1934, all telephone companies in the country merged into one, and formed a single company called Iranian Telephone Corporation under the Ministry of Post and Telegraph. Since 1972, telegraph, telephone and wireless affairs, and all telecommunication equipments of the Ministry of Post and Telegraph merged with Iranian Telephone Corporation and a new organization called Telecommunication Company of Iran was established.